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Cape Town offers amongst the world´s most unique and remarkable travel experiences. Celebrate our wonderful city and discover and explore the gems of Cape Town!


Bloemfontein is sort of the Cinderella city of South Africa. It's just a nice little city in the middle of the country. The name, Bloemfontein, means Spring of Flowers - a rather pretty name that it does actually live up to. The city is planted with thousands of rose bushes, which makes for a fabulously colourful roadside display. A small nature reserve, strangely enough called Naval Hill, right in the middle of the city carries the green theme a bit further. 


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Free Time in Kimberley / Tours Optional.


Free Time in Durban / Tours Optional.


Africa's bewitching seaside playground in the sun, Durban has from its earliest days possessed a special charm...a certain mystique that adds 'something extra' to the meeting of warm Indian Ocean, radiant golden sands and lush sub-tropical greenery.


Free Time in Craddock / Tours Optional.
(Overnight) Tuishuis
Die Tuishuise is an elegant collection of beautifully restored Victorian era craftsmen’s houses in Cradock, the frontier town at the eastern edge of the Great Karoo. More than two dozen Tuishuise line Market Street up to the Victoria Manor, a grand old colonial hotel that welcomes you with hearty country fare, décor from the days of Cecil John Rhodes, Olive Schreiner and the droves of adventurers who passed here en route to the hinterland. Modern day over-landers crossing South Africa on holiday and business groups looking for inspiration stay at Die Tuishuise, where they are received like old friends and treated like gentry.


Cradock is a place of literary legends, war heroes and anti-Apartheid struggle icons. But it is perhaps best known for street level, day-to-day, warmth and kindness – so typical of much of the Eastern Cape . For nature lovers, Die Tuishuise are a great base from which to explore the unique landscapes, animals and plants of the nearbyMountain Zebra National Park. Buy a windmill from one of the windmill sellers one of the things that Cradock is famous for. Visit the Moutain Zebra Park, the most scenic park in South Africa, or hike into the veld to see egg rock. Experience rare san etchings on rocks or fossils of the protomammals that roamed here eons ago, tube or paddle down the fish river, explore Lingelihle home to the Famous Cradock four!


Free Time in Craddock / Tours Optional.


Knysna is one of the Garden Route´s best known travel destinations - situated between lush forests and the shores of the peaceful estuary.... It offers many activities and attractions to a wide variety of people. "People. beauty and mystery" is what comes to mind when describing Knysna. The town nestles between the impressive Outeniqua Mountains and the Indian Ocean, with the world-renowned forests encircling it like a protective mantle. The 21 ha estuary is protected from the sea by the monolithic sandstone "Heads" - silent sentinels down the centuries of the rich history of this unique part of "paradise of earth". In and around Knysna one will find a selection of fine restaurants, seafood taverns, pubs, coffee shops and eateries, to match your mood or budget. For the shopper, there are interesting shops tucked away around every corner, authentic African traders and for the person with a passion for history, well, Knysna will intrigue you. 


Ostrich Farm and Wine Tasting Tour. Oudtshoorn is situated in the Klein Karoo 55 kilometres from the large coastal town of George. First class hotels, lodges, Inns, and guesthouses await the visitor. Enjoy the relaxed, friendly, hospitable atmosphere offered in town or or at the various surrounding farms. Experience the joy of life in the country! This town with its wide open spaces and broad streets is the capital of the Klein Karoo. The town is spread along both banks of the Grobbelaars River, a tributary of the Oliphant's River, and its fertile valleys are encompassed by the Swartberg mountains to the north and the Outeniqua Mountains to the south. Warm, dry summers and sunny winter days make it the ideal breeding ground for the most majestic of flightless birds - synonymous with Oudtshoorn - the ostrich. 


Cango Caves and SA Ostrich Farm cuisine.
The Cango Caves: One of the worlds great natural wonders, sculptured by nature through the ages. It is situated close to the Klein Karoo Town of Oudtshoorn. Mysterious and breathtaking limestone formations in a wide variety of natural colours, a subterranean wonderland. Regular guided tours daily.
The Ostriches: Amidst the 400 ostrich farms surrounding the town, 3 have distinguished themselves worthy to be named " show farms". Become exposed to this exotic bird species, the largest in the world. Guided tours available. 


Back to Cape Town and Free Time / Tours Optional.


The Cape Peninsula - on the Southwestern tip of the African continent - is unquestionably one of the most beautiful places in the world. Long considered the "Gateway to Africa", Cape Town and its environs offer the tourist an almost limitless choice of activities amidst a scenic garden that is without parallel anywhere in the world.


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