The lure of Cape Town lies in its spectacular setting and the beauty of its natural environment, as well as the rich cultural diversity of its people.

It has been a long and turbelant history and the effects of Apartheid still linger in the minds and hearts of the people. Transformation however has led to a feeling of hope in this new 'Rainbow Nation', which can be experienced in the cosmopolitan city centre of Cape Town. Flower sellers, business executives, parking attendants, office workers and shoppers all rub shoulders in a setting of both historical and modern buildings, backed by the city's most famous landmark, Table Mountain. The colourful Cape Malay Quarter, the remains of District Six, St George's Cathedral, Government Avenue and the old Castle are historically significant.

Cape Town's unique settings means that it can be enjoyed from various vantage points: Table Mountain and Lion's Head provide breathtaking views over the city bowl and the Cape Peninsula with its beautiful beaches; trips to Robben Island offer a dramatic sweep of scenery across to Table Bay; and harbour tours and old buildings await exploration at the cosmopolitan Waterfront. Many scenic routes meander along magnificent stretches of coastline and inland terrain leading to special places like Cape Point, the meeting place of the cold Benguela and warm Mozambique currents, and Chapman's Peak boasts one of the most picturesque drives in the country.

It is a city with four distinct seasons, each working its particular magic on Cape Town and bringing with it a flood of associations - Summer and white sandy beaches - Autumn's crisp colours - the ferocity of stormy seas in Winter - and Spring's show of Cape 'fynbos' flowers!

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We would like to thank Mr. Gintaras Ulevicius for all his hard work looking after our holiday. What a wonderful service we received from him and he gave the impression that nothing was too much trouble for him. We haven't had this kind of service in many years we have been travelling. Through the extensive travelling experience it become obvious to us that a competent tour guide constitutes 80% of the whole holiday satisfaction. Indeed, Mr. Gintaras Ulevicius has proved this conception and as being not only competent, creative but also very dedicated, he made our stay in Cape Town a pleasant experience. He was very professional, spending a great deal of time and effort to explain the different possible options and tailoring personal tours that would suit our needs and expectations. If you looking for flexibility and comfort that is what you are looking for. It makes difference when you traveling in comfortable car and have personal guide, it saves time and gives you flexibility to meet your targets. His enthusiasm and understanding of our needs and his honesty related to the various issues was really appreciated. We had a great time in Winelands and trip to Cape Point  was fabulous (It was our famous)!You did a really excellent job in looking after us.


My wife and I had a great time with Gintaras in our short 5 day stay in Capetown, He is a great guy, full of energy and dedication for his job. Gintaras is special. We find him innovative and creative with his suggestions to make our stay in Capetown a truly memorable occasion. We wish him a very successful future and woud not hesitate to recommend him highly to those who need his services."


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